Oil Painting for Everyone (Two Day Course)

Oil Painting for Everyone (Two Day Course)

A two day course on oil painting HOSTED BY BLACKWATER ART SOCIETY -

A day in the studio and a painting outing!

Don’t stress If you have never held a brush in your hands, oils are the medium to start with. Absolutely risk-free - there is nothing that cannot be fixed in oils. Friendly, inspirational, and positive environment is guaranteed.

All skill levels are welcome. Ages 15+.

Participants with limited experience will benefit from instruction and demonstration; participants with some prior experience will be encouraged to extend their skills and pursue particular interests. Several example topics will be offered by the tutor, though participants are invited to bring their own subject matter to work from instead.

Participants to bring: - Painting palette - Rags/paper towel - Brushes - Stretched canvas or canvas board (preferably not too small, recommended size 30x40cm and up to 40x50cm) x 2. - Oil paints (minimum set – Red, Blue, Yellow and White, and any additional available colours).




Blackwater Art Society Hall, Blackwater, Qld


blackwaterartsociety@gmail.com (or call Michelle on 0425 849 924)

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