About me

Russian born Elena Churilova is an award-winning artist experimenting with oils, pastels and watercolours. Her work is intuitive and inspired.

In 2006 Elena Churilova moved from Russia to Australia as a qualified professional. Inspired by the local scenery - sky, sea, river, houses in the street, she returned to her passion, painting, and began experimenting with various mediums and techniques (oil, pastel, gouache and watercolour) in a style which combines reality and fantasy.

Elena is a member of the National Association for the Visual Arts. Her works reside in private collections in Europe, Australia, USA and Russia.

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“Painting, in all its forms, is a significant feature of most of my life. I stay independent from any official art institutions. I do not label my style, I paint in a way convenient to me, for in the first place, the painting should work for myself. I find the art in the local. I paint to create works that capture the imagination and provide surprising insights into ordinary things. It takes an artist to engender appreciation for the local, and to demonstrate that great regional art that does not need to come from places of beauty such as Mission Beach, Noosa or Byron Bay.

I believe art is about pairing a good idea and skill. My art is strongly influenced by my cultural background, and is based on classical drawing techniques developed and honed in a traditional Russian School of Art. I look for a resonant concept in ordinary things – they can be small, intimate things, things relating to my family, or the local scenery. This could be houses in my street or still objects on the table before me. I am regularly approached to undertake commissions for private portraits. Nowadays, when so many artists simply rely on copying static images and photographs, I am proud to demonstrate my creativity, imagination and technical skills in drawing from life freehand!”

In 2006 I moved to Australia from Russia as a qualified professional. My art has greatly helped me to settle in the new life and brought me a lot of good friends. I paint what I want when I want it. I don’t pressure myself to deliver ‘results’. This attitude keeps me free for experimenting and saves the fear to fail. I start doing something and I succeed… or I do not.”