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Want your sketch done?

The commission process consists of 5 steps listed below.



When you contact me, we will need to discuss at least four basic points: subject, size, medium and budget.


Reference images

Then we will need to discuss the format of the work. There are two main ways - working from photographs and working from life.

From photograph

From life

In this case I will ask you to send me a few good quality photos showing the subject from

different angles.

In this case we will arrange for a place and time for a sitting during which I will do a few quick 5-10 minute sketches to determine your preferences.



When individual requirements are discussed, a price is agreed on, you will pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% to confirm the commission.



I will email you an image of work in progress seeking your reflection on final detail, if required.  Requests for changes should not be too radical as they will effectively require the painting being re-done.



The final work is usually completed within 2 months. When the work is finished and you are happy, I will release it/post it to you against the final payment.

Ready for commission?

Commission process example

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