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Want Your Sketch Done?

I believe, a portrait is more than just capturing a likeness of a person's physical appearance. In a portrait I aim to capture the individual’s personality. That’s why I like working with real people from life!


Where sitting for a portrait is not an option and I have to deal with photos, I work beyond a plain copying of the photo by purposely re-constructing the subject in the artistic manner. That’s why, against a common perception, it is more difficult to work from photos than to do a sketch from life, and the price will reflect on that.


Nowadays, when so many artists simply rely on copying static images and photographs, I am proud to demonstrate my creativity, imagination and technical skills in drawing from life freehand!


A quick pencil sketch from life takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Please keep in mind, if you want me to work from photos, these photos will need to be of a sufficient light and resolution that I may zoom in closely to capture the details. Photos of poor quality are time consuming, pain to work with and, for this reason, will incur extra fees.


Generally, the price will naturally depend on complexity of the task, medium used and size of the work. 

Commission Portrait Process

Quick sketch
Quick sketch

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Coloured sketch
Coloured sketch

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Quick sketch
Quick sketch

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portraiture workshop.jpg

When you contact me, we will need to discuss at least four basic points: subject, size, medium and budget.


If I am to work from photographs (for example, where the subject is not available for sitting – young kids, pets, surprise portrait gift etc.), I will ask you to send me a few good quality photos showing the subject from different angles.


For a portrait from life, we will arrange for a place and time for a sitting (sittings). During the initial sitting I will do a few quick 5-10 minute sketches to get a feeling of your personality and to steer you into identifying your preferences by choosing a preferred pose, background and colours.

This is not unusual that initially people only have a vague idea of what they want. That’s OK and perfectly normal! We will discuss every step of the process and, chances are, you will learn something about yourself along the way too.

When individual requirements are discussed, a price is agreed on, you will pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% to confirm the commission.


I might need to meet with you several times before completing the painting but I can also take a series of photographs which I will use as reference material to complement the initial sketches.


If I have to work from photos, I will email you an image of work at a stage of a substantial progress seeking your reflection on final detail, if required.   Please note, depending on the medium, requests for changes should not be too radical as they will effectively require the painting being re-done which may incur extra fees.


The final work is usually completed within two months.

When the work is finished and you are happy, I will release it/post it to you against the final payment.

Price Guide for various commission works

  • A commissioned work is a very personal process for everyone involved and can require a lot of time, but at the end you will receive a unique (one-of-a-kind!) piece of art.
  • I believe that a good art is about pairing of a good idea with high technical skills. All my work is completed to a high professional standard using high quality materials.
  • The price of materials and the artist’s time are factored in the price of the painting.
  • The price of painting does NOT include shipping and framing

A4/ A3 Pencil

sketch from life.



A4/ A3 Coloured

pencil sketches

from a photo


A3 Watercolour or

pastel portrait

(Head & shoulders)


Full length

Watercolour or

Pastel Portrait


Thanks for submitting!

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